Unfinished Conversations: Reconstructing the Invisible

in collaboration with Leonard Correa


A traumatic event imprints an indelible mark on the human psyche, with the scene of the tragedy becoming the catalyst that forever compels us to recall an event. For those directly affected by violence, what remains is the persistent memory of what once was. For everyone else, life moves on. This is true for regions devastated by war, or neighborhoods inundated by violent crime. For the Bosnian-born artist Aida Šehović and local forensic investigator Leonard Correa, specific places in Bosnia and California respectively have been defined by acts of violence.

Their collaborative project Unfinished Conversations: Reconstructing the Invisible, developed during Šehović’s residency at GCAC in 2014/2015, explores the similarities in their process of dealing with personal memories of these sites. For Aida, an apartment her family was persecuted from during the brutal war in her home country in the early 1990’s; for Leonard, locations in Santa Ana he has encountered during the course of his work that continue to impact him as he drives by them almost daily. The experience of trauma is an experience of silence, yet each act of violence imprints an indelible mark that remains distinct despite the passage of time.

All photographs by Leonard Correa.



[KCET] 2015

[OC Register] 2015

[OC Weekly] 2015, November

[OC Weekly] 2015, December