ŠTO TE NEMA is a participatory community art project meant to raise genocide awareness by commemorating the 8,372 Bosniak/Bosnian Muslim men and boys killed during the Srebrenica genocide. Existing as a nomadic monument made with collected porcelain cups (fildžani) filled with coffee, ŠTO TE NEMA is collectively assembled and disassembled by people on July 11 every year, but each time in a different location. This year, Aida Šehović is working together with Bosnian communities in Chicago to bring ŠTO TE NEMA monument to Daley Plaza on July 11, 2017.

Poster design by Amir Berbić (photo by Emir Šehanović).

Poster design by Amir Berbić (photo by Emir Šehanović).


ŠTO TE NEMA is a true labor of love by many dedicated people who have decided to take a stand against all genocides by making sure that those who were deliberately killed during the Srebrenica genocide are not forgotten. This project would never be possible without all of the contributions and support of others, but it is those who are part of our VOLUNTEER TEAM on July 11 who bring ŠTO TE NEMA to life.


Please consider making a donation through ŠTO TE NEMA's fiscal sponsor NYFA. Your contribution is tax deductible and directly supports the ŠTO TE NEMA monument in Chicago. 

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About NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship

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