Obstacle Course: Patriot Challenge I


Wood, steel, hardware, wire, tires, mulch, sand

15 feet x 10 feet x 7 feet

Displaced from its native military environment into an open public park, this fully functional obstacle course was created after extensive research into military training practices, including a visit to the Westpoint Military Academy where Šehović observed an International Military Obstacle Course Competition.

Preparation drawings and notes for the project demonstrate that each of the obstacles was built following the strict guidelines in the U.S. Army Manual, thus revealing the ways in which the American military uses conditioning and team building exercises to train soldiers for combat. 

Occupying a space between sculpture and architecture, Obstacle Course: Patriot Challenge I consisted of five different and fully functional obstacles: Tires,Belly Crawl, Tarzan, Tough Nut and The Wall. The installation toggled between play and training, fun and the deadly business of preparing for combat. Several obstacle course competitions organized with local community groups were held during the 9-month long exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City.

Photo credit: Nate Dorr, Carlos Rigau



[Socrates Sculpture Park] 2016